Prices for translations

GRAMHOST translation bureau performs both oral and written translations into Asian and European languages. The translations are performed by Russian speaking translators as well as by foreign translators.
Standard unit of measurement for both types of translation is one page of the text which on average contains 1800 characters including spaces. Prices depend on the difficulty of the original text. The difficulty may depend on several factors, such as volume of the text, specifics of the subject etc.
Prices for translations: Euro








Russian, Latvian, English
3,56 125 12,5 15,63
4,27 150 15 18,75
German, French
5,69 200 20 25
Polish, Slovenian, Ukrainian, Belarusian
7,11 250 25 31,25
Estonian, Italian
9,96 350 35 43,75
Czech, Dutch, Spanish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, Bulgarian
11,38 400 40 50
Hungarian, Greek, Croatian, Irish, Icelandic, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Moldavian, Portuguese, Romanian,
Turkish, Vietnamese, Armenian, Hebrew, Georgian, Kazakh, Latin, Uzbekistan, Slovak, Danish, Arabic
14,23 500 50 62,5

You can place an order for a translation of any volume. However, when ordering a translation of more than 20 pages, there are various discounts. For more information about the prices and discounts please click this button: :

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